Prevent Damp Causing Problems in your Home

Damp is a common problem in homes. If your house is damp you may have noticed mildew on the furniture, ceiling or walls. It’s important to prevent damp before it gets to the stage where it is affecting the health of anyone living there and damaging your property. Forms of Damp Dampness usually occurs if […]

How to Damp Proof your house from Mother Nature

Building a house can lead to a deep dent in the owner’s bank account. For middle-class workers, it is often their biggest investment. It therefore imperative to protect the building – and it doesn’t get any more fundamental than the basic construction of the building. Tanking or damp proofing is a type of structural construction […]

A Visual Guide to Damp, Mold and Indoor Air Pollution

An infographic to download.

A Guide to Rising Damp – Infographic

Another useful infographic to explain Rising Damp